The Exerpeutic 1301 Aero Air Elliptical makes an immaculate expansion to your home gym as it is reasonable in price and spares a considerable measure of space. It offers a low impact lower and upper body work out. Its plan counteracts push for the most part on joints and its double activity workout arms and massive wheels offers great variety in a normal work out. The elliptical has a button for putting more harder workout in case if someone needs it, as their cardiovascular execution drives without yielding their cost.

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The Exerpeutic 1301 Aero Air Elliptical is a perfect starting level, less costly cordial elliptical machine for getting a full-body workout at home. It’s smaller, has a decent PC to work out. The Exerpeutic Aero Air has a simple to-peruse LCD that demonstrates every one of the information you’ll have to keep tabs on your improvement. At this value, this elliptical machine doesn’t accompany a huge amount of beneficial components, yet it will help make them work out, conditioning up, and getting smarter and with negligible effect on your lower legs, knees, joints, and so forth.


While working out hard, the most critical thing is to know your progress. The Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical has a simple to peruse and superbly unique LCD show that demonstrates the calories burnt, distances covered, elapsed time and the present speed. In this manner, it helps in observing your current progress rate, activities, and the span of your work out session.


The warranty limit for this elliptical machine bounds the clients to restrict it to private reason as it were. The Exerpeutic 1301 Aero Air Elliptical provides a one year warranty limit from Exerpeutic and a few providers alter it as 1 year for the case and 90 days for its components. This limited warranty neglects any harm beginning from the business application of the machine.

Incline Adjustment

With regards to incline angle adjustment, the Exerpeutic 1301 Aero Air Elliptical is solely not fitted with one. This is on the grounds that the foot pedals of the machine show up excessively steep, making it impossible to settle an incline modification. Despite the fact that its inclination is physically customizable, its flexible attractive pressure perfectly compensates this difficulty.


1: 12” slide length helps out average consumer.
2: perfect for small places
3: 1-year warranty
4: 8 dial magnetics easy resistance levels for extra passion.
5: User Weight: 250 lbs. Maximum
6: Workout data contains:
a) Distance
b) Time
c) Calories Burned
d) Speed
7: large non-slip pedals
8: LCD display
9: appropriate for anyone up to 270 calories
10: light and compacted

Customer Satisfaction

According to different reviews and feedbacks received from customers be it private users or gym trainers this machine has got a good rating of almost 8.4 out of 10. Mostly people has exhibited good feelings after suing this machine and are happy with the working and results of Exerpeutic 1301 Aero Air Elliptical making it one of the highly rated work pout machines for fresher’s especially.

Advantages And Disadvantages

For starters and beginners in work outs, this elliptical machine, the Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical has the components that you’re searching for. Like all great elliptical it gives a total cardio workout and additionally the capacity to work numerous muscle bunches for a full-body understanding. This elliptical machine is minimized in outline for clients that don’t have a mess of practice space accessible and is effortlessly transported for capacity.

With just a 12″ stride, this elliptical machine isn’t for everybody. Taller individuals searching for a decent stride on an elliptical need at least 18″. The primary purpose behind a decent stride length is so you can get full expansion amid the elliptical movement and have a pleasant smooth motion and full body effort. So, you can in any case get an extraordinary workout with a 12″ stride.

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Common Questions Asked

Q) Does the fan make any type of noise while circulating air?
A) Well not much, a light murmuring sometimes which is not an issue.

Q) What about less height people? Is it suitable for them too?
A) No issues with the height as the handle can be adjusted as per requirement

Q)  Foot pedals stay in place or slide?
A) No! They are stationary i.e. do not slide


All in all this is not a bad small machine bearing in mind how cheap it is to buy online via Amazon or direct contact of dealers. It is compact, little but provides a good lower and upper workout, with different stages of magnetic resistance if you wish to push yourself harder.

The quality seems to be somewhat down as far as customer reviews are concerned

So eventually you need to choose if you are contented to buy a truly cheap starter level elliptical trainer that would provide you with a good workout or is it better to spend some more money on a decent class machine that has an enhanced build quality.

Exerpeutic 1301 Aero Air Elliptical

Exerpeutic 1301 Aero Air Elliptical








        • large non-slip pedals
        • Appropriate for anyone up to 270 calories
        • Transportation wheels provide for easy relocation