You may have noticed along the roadways and perhaps in the gyms bicycles and bike exercise machines that have the person sitting down as if they were in a recliner rather that the standard position of riding a bike. This is called a recumbent bike which may look a little odd at first to those who’ve never seen them, but they do offer specific advantages that include less pressure on the hips and joint while still getting the full benefits of riding a bicycle.

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Schwinn is one of the most noted of all bicycle manufacturers and they have spread their products into the exercise world as well. Recently, they introduced the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike which provides all the benefits of recumbent riding while letting you stay in the safety and comfort of your own home. However, does this new entry by Schwinn really live up to the reputation of the company in terms of overall quality, features, and the advantages that it offers those looking for a new way to exercise?


There are several features that make the exercise device stand out, thanks in large part to the overall quality that Schwinn is noted for with their products. This bike is crafted from high quality materials which means that it will hold up for years under normal use conditions. As a bonus, it does offer several features that assists you with your exercise experience.

–   Duel Track, 2 LCD Window System
–   Schwinn Connect: Goal Tracking & Data Export
–   20 Levels of Resistance
–   22 Total Programs w/2 User Settings
–   USB Charging & Data Exchange Port

The dual track, 2 LCD window system is designed to let you see up to 13 different displays feedbacks so you can accurately monitor your progress. The system itself is designed to let you see exactly where you are at during the workout so you can set new goals and increase your fitness level. This is where the Schwinn Connect comes into play as you can keep up to date as to your current fitness level and export the information so you can create new programs that will challenge your body even more.

Thanks to the high speed, high inertia perimeter that is part of the weighted flywheel design, you can enjoy up to 20 levels of resistance. Plus, the machine itself is smooth and quiet which means that you and your family will not have to deal with any undo noise while operating the device. There are 2 user settings which means that you and one other person can customize the up to 22 programs available so that you stay motivated and working towards your goal.
It also offers a USB port for charging so that you can hook in your smartphone, player, or other device and use it while you are exercising. Plus, there is a data exchange port so that if you want to transfer information from the bike to your mobile device so you can monitor your progress on an app or program, you can do that as well.


There are several advantages that the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike offers for those who are looking for a new exercise experience.

Low Impact: Arguably the most noticeable advantage of the recumbent design is that it does not put pressure on your hips or knees like a standard bike. This means that you exercise in greater comfort and with less stress on the joints which reduces the chances for injury. The bike itself offers 2 integrated levelers and a support system based on a center frame that is durable, it provides a very solid workout system that will last for a long time under normal use conditions.

Ergonomic System: Despite any initial appearances, the seat design is quite comfortable and built to last. The seat bottom is vented along with the back for extra comfort and to prevent moisture from building up along your skin. The contour leg areas are designed for additional comfort and ease of use so that you can ride without any undo strain on the joints. There is also a rail system for the seat so that you can adjust it easily with one lever.

Intuitive Displays: One issue that many exercise machines have is that they display all types of information whether you want to read it or not. The 230 Recumbent Bike by Schwinn offers a simpler, easy to use system that lets you read the information you want and ignore the rest. The 2 LCD display windows also organize the information presented so that you can quickly understand and use it for your future exercise routines.

Warranty: The warranty offered by Schwinn for this device is certainly substantial and well worth appreciating in case what you order is defective. The warranty includes the following features;

–   Frame: 10 years
–   Mechanical: 2 years
–   Electrical: 1 year
–   Labor: 90 days

This is a substantial warranty that demonstrates the commitment that Schwinn makes to the 230 Recumbent Bike and how it will work for your needs.

However, this unit may not be right for you if you are very tall or not very tall at all. While the bike does fit most sizes, those who are quite tall such as those over 6’ 5” or shorter than 5’ may find themselves having a little difficulty getting comfortable in the seat. Plus, you may want to add a towel or two for an extra cushion if necessary.

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When you put all off the advantages together, the result is a powerful exercise system that works for people of all ages to help them get into better physical condition with minimal impact. The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike offers a considerable number of advantages making it perfect for the young and the young at heart to get in the exercise they need without the undo strain that many other types of exercise machines put the joints and ligaments through.

If you are looking for a new, simple, and effective workout system that offers considerable challenges while providing excellent results, then go no further than the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike exercise machine.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike








        • Large vented seat back with lumbar support for comfort and cooling
        • USB Charging & Data Exchange Port
        • 20 levels of eddy current resistance