While the stand-up elliptical trainers are arguably the most recognizable version, there are the recumbent trainers that are highly popular as well. A recumbent version is where you sit back on the elliptical instead of standing over the pedals. There are advantages to selecting a recumbent elliptical as opposed to the normal stand-up versions which may provide better benefits.

The Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer is one of their more popular models. It offers several features and advantages that have attracted many customers. However, does it really live up to the hype in terms of what this type of elliptical machine can produce?

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The 520 is not short on features which are easily accessible. This means that you can comfortably program the machine and keep track of your efforts thanks to the large display.

-Airdyne Fan
-Striding Motion engages More Muscles than Standard Versions
-Oversized, Flexible Footpads
-Easy to Read Display
-Ventilated, Contoured Seat
-High Torque Drive Belt

Although arguably not as advanced in terms of features as the high-end models, this design emphasizes comfort while providing the right resistance so that you can tone muscles and burn away the fat.


There are benefits that this version features which combines technology and the recumbent seating position to provide for a better workout experience.

Less Stress: The main advantage of the recumbent position is that it takes away your own body weight from the joints. While standard elliptical machines put relatively little stress on the knees, back, and shoulders, the recumbent position take away that element so that your muscles get a thorough workout while reducing the chances of injury to a minimum.

Easy to Read Display: Another advantage is the display itself is easy to read and understand so that you can maintain your heart rate in the proper zone. The key to losing weight is to keep your heart rate high enough so that it burns calories and low enough so that you do not get exhausted quickly. This elliptical machine helps you maintain that balance.

Comfortable Seating Position: In addition to taking the stress off your joints, the Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer also provides a seating position that takes advantage of the airflow to help keep you cool and a level of comfort that helps you reach your target goals. The adjustable footpads and simulated walking motion means that you can exercise longer and get better results.


Although a recumbent seating position may look a little unusual at first, the benefits it provides make obtaining the Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer a must. It’s perfect for seniors, but really for anyone who wants to get the full benefits of elliptical training while taking away the pressure from the knees and hips.

With your weight now supported by the chair, you can exercise longer and get greater benefits while minimizing the chance of injury. Furthermore, the sturdy nature of the 520 means years of use under normal conditions. It is an excellent elliptical machine and perfect for your home.

Schwinn 520

Schwinn 520








        • Easy to Read Display
        • High Torque Drive Belt
        • Airdyne Fan