Staying fit even if you are a very busy person is no longer an impossible or difficult task because you can get a well-toned, perfectly fit and healthy body right in the comfort of your home, without having the need to go in the gym. One of the most effective equipment to use in staying fit is Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine. As we all know, elliptical trainers were already developed way back in the 1990s but it is only at the modern time that it became popular and in demand due to the integration of the advanced technology that we have today.

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This equipment is also called X-trainers or Cross-trainers and it is an exercise machine that stimulates walking, running and climbing stairs without having the need to put or deliver too much pressure to the user’s joints. Having a fitness facility like this one in your house is really advantageous, most especially if you shy to share locker room facilities or you find it hard to have time for going to the nearest gym in your place.

What are the key features of Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine?

More and more users love this kind of exercise machine because it is good equipment to use that actually reduces the likelihood of having impact injuries and everyone can use these. Even those persons that have some type of injuries can definitely stay in shape with the use of this elliptical machine. One can definitely get a very effective cardio-vascular workout that is of low-impact and can vary in terms of intensity according to the desired level of resistance that the user wants to set. Aside from that, he can also choose the speed of the exercise that he would want to perform.

The best thing about the Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine why it has a great demand in the market is its great and unmatched features which are the following:

•   This machine provides a very challenging cardio workouts which are supported by backlit and blue LDC displays that effectively help the user to track the essential training data.

•   It has a power adjustable stride with about 20-22 inch maximum stride length and it has 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs and 2 heart rate programs which are really useful to check one’s progress.

•   It has pulse grip plus a chest strap heart rate monitoring which includes a heart rate chest strap, ECB resistance, LCD console with 9 inch display, built-in fan and a 15-inch pedals. There is also a sound system and a water bottle holder which can make the workout not boring and continuous because the user can get the water at his front when he feels thirsty without the need to stop doing the exercise.

•   Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine measures 27x62x83 inches with about 215 lbs. weight and 400 lbs. weight limit so everyone can use it regardless of his weight.

•   This product comes with the manufacture’s warranties which mean that the customer will be protected when there are some defects in the materials as well as workmanship of the product such as in the lifetime on the frame, and 5 years on the electronics and possible parts plus 2 years in terms of labor.

The Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine has a quiet drive system so the user will not be distracted when using it and it has an advanced sensor systems and custom foot pedals for the user to have a safe and comfortable workout experience. It also allows the user to work his upper as well as lower body which promotes for a complete cardio workout. It has a custom-molded grips also which is very useful for the user to have an extra comfort when holding the grips.

Sole Fitness E95

Sole Fitness E95








        • Quiet drive system
        • Advanced sensor systems
        • Power adjustable stride
        • LCD console with nine-inch display