Need of a fitness machine like Yowza Fitness Miami

These days each one of us wants to stay fit. It is a fact that the word fat fills many of us with feelings of despair and frustration. Most of the people just want to remove the word permanently from their lives. This is where Yowza Fitness Miami Elliptical Trainer Machine comes into picture and it can easily help you to overcome fatness for which you have been trying hard for many years. These days’ people of all ages, shapes, size and gender have a tough time struggling with their weigh and depend in dieting to lose weight. These methods of losing weight can make their life miserable and can even be a risk to their health.

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The Yowza trainer machine contains variety of programs like endurance and breaks. A far as losing weight and gaining muscles mass is concerned this equipment is your ideal machine as its programs contains working schedules where you work hard in quick intervals along with proper intervals. This program is preferred by fitness conscious people and is the most effective way to achieve the results you have been waiting for.

The fantastic features of Yowza Fitness Miami Elliptical Trainer Machine

• An attractive and user friendly console which includes one table rack and buttons which are labelled clearly.
• A very impressive range of programs which are classified depending on the intensity.
Bluetooth speakers unlike most of the elliptical which are not chord free as far as their music players are concerned.
• Adjustable incline which you can ramp up to 60 percent.
• This fitness machine has the heaviest flywheel. This machine contains an electromagnetic braking system which helps in the execution of a smooth and natural motion. The braking system of this machine is one of the best braking systems available in the market.
• The IWM or Intelligent Weight Management is one of the best features of Yowza Fitness Miami as it gives you all the relevant information about your work out. With the help of this feature you can monitor the calories you eat, calories you have burnt and at the end of the day you can have a fair idea about the status of your calorie.
• All the joints of this machine come with sealed bearings as compared to the bushing. The sealed bearings have a longer life and are much quieter as compared to bushing.
• The soft gel technology of the Yowza Fitness Miami reduces the stress and pressure of your joints.
• This fantastic machine comes with a large LCD display. There are also two LED screens which display the incline and levels of resistance.

Design and build

The Yowza Miami is a fabulous machine which has a very user friendly console and you do not have to compromise with quality. While exercising on this beautiful fitness machine you can keep a track of your work-outs by using the Bluetooth speaker. This machine comes with some of the great features like the cardio care rotating handle bars with adjustable variable motion which are perfectly designed to help you keep a track of your fitness goal. This is a versatile machine that is ideal for multiple users due to its heavy machine. It has been noticed that many customers have purchased this machine for multiple users. As this machine is fit for not only one but many users it is quite evident that it is very durable.

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The Yowza Fitness Miami is an expensive product due to which everyone will not be able to buy it. However there are many good deals are available on the internet. This machine is very heavy according to its size and so it is not for home where it needs to be relocated on a regular basis.


This amazing model from Yowza features the highest technology presently available which is great news for the buyers. This fantastic fitness machine was the highest rated elliptical in the market in the year 2014 and the credit for this goes to its attractive design.


As Yowza Fitness Miami is a high-end machine it is not affordable by everyone. In order to invest in a good fitness machine you need to pay a high amount.


The Yowza Miami is a fantastic and durable elliptical machine that fulfils all your requirements. This great machine comes with life warranty on its frame and 10 years warranty on electronics and parts. This way you can say that this machine is a fabulous combination of technology and great construction. According to most of the users the Yowza Miami is better than other renowned brands in the market. This machine is customised and has many outstanding features to give you an everlasting experience. There is no doubt that the Yowza fitness Miami elliptical trainer machine is one of the fitness machines available in the market.

Yowza Fitness Miami Elliptical Trainer Machine

Yowza Fitness Miami Elliptical Trainer Machine








        • Electric incline adjusts up to 60% grade
        • 3 custom apps for IOS or Androids devices
        • Long stride adjustable from 19